We really do recycle

We recycle your rubbish to reduce the carbon footprint and landfill.

Tiger Bin Hire work hard to deliver reliable service to our customers. We also work hard to ensure we do our part to reduce the carbon footprint. Recycling and redirecting is very important. Recycling can help reduce many items unnecessarily going to landfill. Here at Tiger Bin Hire we make sure we recycle everything we can and we are always looking for new ways to recycle and redirect waste. Items that we recycle include concrete, soil, metal, paint, green waste, e-waste, brick, plasterboard, timber, cardboard and soft plastics. All our skips, once filled by our customers, are returned to our recycling and redirection complex in Bendigo to be sorted. As this is under cover we are able to operate year round.

Our staff work hard to make sure each bin is sorted and we get out as much recyclable product as we can. An excavator and front end loader are used to assist in sorting through rubbish and separate items to different parts of our recycling centre. Once sorted these items are sent to different sites in and around the Bendigo area to be reused in many different and innovate ways.