Tiger bins is the only local Bendigo skip bin business with its own purpose built recycling facility. We are redirecting and recycling to making an effort to keep waste from landfill.


In an effort to conserve and protect our natural resources and reduce landfill, Tiger Bin Hire is always looking for new ways to ensure a large percentage of the rubbish collected is recycled.

All concrete skip bins, brick skip bins and skips containing rocks or tiles are recycled into hard rubble. Green rubbish skips are redirected to landscaping facilities for recycling into mulch. Clean fill, dirt and soil skips are also recycled. Metal items, including white goods and items made from non ferrous steel can also be recycled.

For a small extra charge, Tiger Bin Hire will also take away additional items including e-waste items, mattresses, tyres and white goods. By recycling these items separately, the amount of waste going into landfill can be significantly reduced.

You can help the environment

With an ongoing commitment to environmentally friendly practices, Tiger Bin Hire is constantly looking for new ways to ensure as much of the rubbish collected is recycled rather than going into landfill. You can play a part too! Knowing what is in the bin helps us in the sorting and recycling process, so please choose the right bin for the rubbish you wish to remove; it’s in everyone’s best interest.

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