Tips to load your skip bin

Getting your rubbish into your Tiger skip bin may sound as simple as dumping your trash in a large container. However, there is a level of art in this task, and knowing it can help you get the most out of what you pay for. There is a proper way to load a skip bin hire, and here are a few tips to make it a lot easier so you can load your skip bin like a pro..

·      Distribute the weight of your waste evenly inside the skip bin.

Make sure that you do not put too much weight at the front, back, or on one side as this will unbalance of your skip bin. Only work with varying weights from bottom to top, the heaviest being placed at the bottom.

·      Break apart those bulky pieces.

Bulky items such as furniture or large branches should be broken down so that they will not take up a lot of space in your skip bin hire. If the items are irregular, make sure you fill in those empty spaces with smaller waste materials so that you do not end up loading your skip bin with air. This is important because you pay for a skip bin by volume, so you really want to maximize the volume of waste you put into it.

·      Fill only up to the rim.

Despite how much we want to pack our skip bin hire with waste to get the most out of it; you can only fill the skip bin with waste up to the rim. It is not safe to transport a skip bin with anything above the indicated level as these can easily fall off and cause injury, accident, or damage. Health and safety regulations prohibit the transport of overfilled skip bins, and all the waste above the rim will be removed before the bin is collected.

·      Stay within the weight capacity of the skip bin.

For safe transport, skip bins also have a maximum weight capacity. You can check this with your skip bin hire company to ensure that you are putting just the right amount of waste in your skip bin. Be more mindful of this weight capacity when loading heavier items such as concrete, gravel, and sand, among others.

·      Segregate your waste products.

As responsible citizens, we must ensure proper disposal of our rubbish. Tiger Skips will help you dispose of your rubbish and get them to their rightful places. However, there are some items that cab be recycled, such as cardboard, E-waste , timber, concrete , bricks and metals, please discuss with Tiger Skip Bin Hire staff to get the best financial and environmental results.

No matter what the task is, whether a simple clean up or large scale renovation, Tiger Skip Bin Hire provides the most convenient and useful service to get rid of all your rubbish. These simple rules will help you load your skip bin like a pro, and there is no doubt that your project would be easier and hassle free.