Things to concider when hiring a Bendigo Skip Bin

Are you looking to hire a Tiger Skip Bin soon? Before you go ahead and make your order, we’ve got a few tips to help you get the most out of your hire experience. While we’ve made ordering our skip bins online an easy process, there are still a few steps we encourage you to tick off your list before you complete your order.

We can help you learn what should be done before you order your Tiger Skip Bin. That includes helping you be as organized as possible, readying for the delivery of your bin and making sure you’ve accounted for all waste.

Keep reading to discover what we recommend you do before hiring your skip bin.


Before you know what Tiger Skip Bin you need, you need to know what is to be thrown away. Identifying your waste is important when selecting the right skip. Deciphering what you are getting rid of will help you narrow down what waste type you need.

It will also give you a good idea of how much you are throwing away. This will allow you to pick a suitable bin size and type. When looking at our Tiger Skip Bin sizes, we recommend going a size up to what you would expect, as it will give you flexibility for any additional waste.


You may know what bin you need, but there is still more to iron out before you can book your bin. It is highly important that you sort out your hire dates and where you want to put your skip.

If you have a project, you may require your skip to be ready for specific trades or gone in time for a certain point. So, knowing how long you need the bin around and when it needs to arrive is crucial to consider. Also, knowing where it will be placed will allow you to prepare before the drop-off date, allowing for a streamlined hire.


Before you make your hire, it is a good idea to consider any third parties. For example, if you are in a complex or apartment building, you may need to notify your strata. It is also common decency to give your Neighbours a heads-up, whether you share or own private property.

By telling the right individuals, you ensure you have a hassle-free hire. If they have any concerns, it also gives you time to clear up and address any issues. This also means you can ensure the driveway is clear and no one is surprised when our sturdy trucks turn up to make a delivery or pick-up, partially blocking access.


Finally, before you proceed with your order, make sure your property is prepared. While this can be done after the order has been made, it is always good to do it beforehand if something can’t be rectified and the hire situation changes.

This means ensuring an adequate amount of space for both our trucks and bins. This includes:

  • 6 meters of space in width
  • 4 meters in height

You can learn more about the access requirements by give us a call. It would be best if you also cleared any obstacles, such as cars or building supplies that may be in the way of entry or the skip drop-off location.